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The new Electronic Communications Act (Zakon o elektronskih komunikacijah - Uradni list no. 109/2012, hereinafter: ZEKom-1) has introduced into Slovenian law new rules governing the use of cookies and similar technologies to save or access information on users' computers, tablets or mobile devices. 

Since user privacy is very important to us, we strive to ensure our users are provided all information on the cookies used by the websites,,,,, Moš,, and to ensure better website performance and a more pleasing user experience. 

Cookies are used to store unique data concerning the user or settings the user made with respect to a certain website on the user's device. 

We shall carefully protect all the data and information obtained, which will only be used for providing the web-based service and analysing use, advertising systems and functionalities we would be unable to provide without cookies.

1. About cookies

Cookies are nothing new as all website users have many cookies provided by various websites stored on our computers, tablets and mobile devices. The new law (the ZEKom-1) has changed the way we must notify and users must consent to their use.

2. What are cookies?

Cookies contain information on the user's web activities. Most websites store this data on the devices users use to access their sites in order to recognise individual devices. The storing of cookies is under the complete control of the web browser used by the user. The user can restrict or disable the saving of cookies. Cookies are not harmful and are always subject to a time limit.

3. Why are cookies necessary?

Cookies are key in providing user-friendly web services. Cookies speed-up and simplify interaction between the user and the website in question. Cookies allow websites to remember user preferences, interests and experience, and thus save time. As a result, the website is more effective and user-friendly.

Please see some specific cases in which cookies are used below:

  • Cookies are used to improve user experienceas the website contents are adapted in light of previous visits

  • Cookies are used to store options when creating a short-list of and comparing devices and offers

  • Cookies keep users logged-in to parts of the website which require user log-in

  • Cookies are used to recognise user devices (computer, tablet, mobile phone), which allows the tailoring of the manner in which the contents are shown on the user's device

  • Cookies are used to monitor visitors, which allows us to verify the efficiency of contents and advertisements, as well as to continuously improve our websites

  • Cookies are absolutely necessary for certain services to function (e.g. e-banking, e-stores and other e-commerce sites, etc.)

Necessary cookies:

Necessary cookies are cookies necessary for website functioning. Without them, the relevant messages cannot be transferred through the communications network. These cookies allow us to provide user-friendly web-based services and improve the user experience, and are not subject to user consent.

Cookie name Purpose Cookie time Company
cookie_agree, sso_cookies Cookie settings 1,5 years PRO PLUS
phpAds_geoInfo User state and region 1 year PRO PLUS
sso_login User login 1 year PRO PLUS
c4d User identifier 5 years PRO PLUS
user Username 5 years PRO PLUS
access_cache Manner of access to premium contents 2 years PRO PLUS
bit_misc User statistics (browser version and type, Flash version, etc.) 1 year PRO PLUS
bit Statistical user identifier 5 years PRO PLUS
bitsession2 User session identifier 15 minutes PRO PLUS
myvote* Participation in surveys 1 year PRO PLUS
quiz* Participation in quizzes 7 days PRO PLUS
FBconnect, Gconnect Facebook/Google identification 5 years PRO PLUS
ConquiztadorQuiz Participation in conquiztador quizzes 6 months PRO PLUS
popnonstop_channels Automatic channel settings when viewing the schedule 1 year PRO PLUS
favourites This cookie contains the names of channels the user selected as his/her favourites at the website 1 year PRO PLUS
favouriteOn This cookie contains the option whether all channels or only the user's favourite channels should be displayed at 1 year PRO PLUS
weather_location Weather location 1 year PRO PLUS
nomobile Mobile or desktop version of the website 1 year PRO PLUS
popplayer LSO The video player saves its settings (volume, video quality selection, etc.) on the user's computer 1 year PRO PLUS
easyrec_sessionVar This cookie is used to identify recommended and similar contents 1 year PRO PLUS
reg2_complete, registration_token,
Registration and settings Upon closing the browser session PRO PLUS

When first visiting the website, cookies relating to MOSS/Gemius surveys (gdyn, domena hit. are stored with the user; these cookies are only used for technically measuring the ratings of Slovenian websites (MOSS) which we have no control of.

Advanced advertising cookies:

These cookies allow the individual website to display advanced advertising technologies; they ensure that advertisements as relevant to the user's interests as possible are displayed, and they can be used to analyse website ratings and help us gauge the effects of an advertising campaign. 

Advanced advertising cookies also include cookies used by advertising agencies and advertising networks (e.g. Criteo, MediaMath) on our website when they purchase advertising space. We have no control of these cookies. These cookies ensure website users are displayed advertisements which they may be interested in.

Cookie name Purpose Cookie time Company
phpads_id User identifier used by the advertising server permanent, 1 year PRO PLUS
mmm_* Advertising rating statistics 1 month PRO PLUS
uid,eid,uic,evt,acdc,udc,zdi Advanced advertising Varies
Various (,,, ...) Advanced advertising Varies business partners

Social network, web analytics and third person cookies

Social network cookies allow the website contents to be shared on certain social networks. Third-party plug-ins and tools used as cookies allow certain functionalities to work, and allow us to analyse the frequency of visits and the manner in which our websites are used.

Cookie name Purpose Cookie time Company
fb*, s, lu, xs, locale Website rating statistics Varies Facebook
__ut* Website rating statistics varies Google Analytics

Note: occasionally, articles published on our websites may also contain embedded video provided by third-party websites. This means that, from a technical perspective, our users are served third-party contents (e.g. YouTube), which employ their own advertising systems and install their own cookies on user devices. These cookies are used for purposes we have no control over. 

Social networks such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter also install their own cookies depending on whether the user is logged-into the relevant service or not. Their cookie policies are subject to the relevant user agreements which users accepted upon their registration with the social network in question.

4. Cookie settings

Every user has complete control over all cookies and can decide whether to allow cookies to be stored on his/her device or not.

The,,,,, Moš,, and websites allow users to accept or reject cookies. In this respect we would like to warn that rejecting cookies could lead to issues with the website itself, while certain website functionalities may even be disabled. If the user rejects certain cookies (e.g. Advanced advertising cookies), the user's access to and contents viewed on the site will be limited.

In order to ensure the best possible user experience and the optimal functioning of our websites, we recommend users accept cookies.

Below you can change the settings relating to which cookies you agree/do not agree to.

5. How are cookies managed?

Cookie settings can be reviewed and changed in your web browser. For further information on cookie settings, select the web browser you are using.

If you have already consented to using cookies and subsequently change your mind and instruct your web browser to not accept cookies, your next visit to our website will be deemed your first visit. In such a case the notice on cookies will appear again.

6. Further questions

If you have any further questions about cookies, please e-mail us at